You are not alone!

he pillar of strength, hope and guidance for a loved one that...

James Ekbatani
April 1, 2024

Being the pillar of strength, hope and guidance for a loved one that suffers from substance abuse disorder, can be mentally and physically exhausting. You Are Not Alone! There are support groups available for families and loved one’s that provide a much-needed safe place and support. So that you don’t lose yourself in this journey.

A person suffering from substance abuse disorder, is not only changing and negatively affecting their own lives, but their loved ones are also affected. Addiction is a Family Disease! Having a safe place to go and express their fears, concerns and frustrations is needed for the overall long term recovery for all involved.

Support groups are a great way to move through this journey without feeling blamed, judged and condemned. Talking with other people experiencing very similar if not the same issues, helps with understanding that We Are Not Alone, in this battle. We will become, Educated, Relieved and Empowered!

Lotus Behavioral Health hosts Family Support groups on a regular basis, both Live and via Zoom. Groups are open to the public.

Please contact Michele Guzman Family Relations Coordinator 321-204-8010  or