Now accepting Humana patients

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James Ekbatani
April 2, 2024

PRESS RELEASE                  

Contact: Janelle Adorno
Phone: 407-461-7289
Web Site:

Lotus Behavioral Health is now accepting Humana patients

Winter Springs, Florida –

Lotus Behavioral Health is pleased to announce that it is now accepting patients covered by Humana, one of the nation’s leading health insurance providers.

The decision to accept Humana patients comes as part of Lotus Behavioral Health’s commitment to providing quality mental health care to as many teenagers as possible. With Humana’s extensive network of providers and resources, Lotus Behavioral Health hopes to expand its reach and serve even more patients in need of care.

“We are excited to welcome Humana patients to Lotus Behavioral Health,” said James Ekbatani, Founder. “At Lotus, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care, and partnering with Humana helps us achieve that goal.”

Located in Central Florida, the facility at Lotus Behavioral Health caters to the behavioral health requirements of teenagers aged 12 to 17 struggling with substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. Our 20,000 sq. ft residential treatment facility offers individualized services and specialized addiction treatment for adolescents to recover and heal while considering it their temporary home. We understand that this process can be challenging for families, but our team is available to assist in every aspect, from admissions intake to flexible payment options and discharge planning.

At Lotus Behavioral Health, we are committed to ensuring patients can easily access the care they require to manage their substance use disorder. To this end, we have partnered with Humana Insurance. Contact us to determine your eligibility and verify your insurance coverage based on your policy plan.

To schedule an appointment with Lotus Behavioral Health, Humana patients can call 407-461-7289 or fill out a web-form at

Lotus Behavioral Health is a 501c3 registered non-profit with a mission to renew and restore wholeness to the adolescent and their family impacted by the effects of substance use and mental health disorders. Lotus provides a unique therapeutic experience. Our evidence-based treatment focuses on a whole-person perspective that helps our clients delve into the core issues of fear, acceptance, rejection, coping and thought distortion. We use a strong CBT approach to give the client every opportunity to look within themselves and work towards success. Our staff are experts in their fields and work to create an individualized experience for all.