Benefits of Choosing a Specialized Teen Drug Rehab Center

As young adults develop awareness of the world around them...

James Ekbatani
April 2, 2024

If you’re a parent who’s discovered your teenager has a substance use disorder, you might be wracked with guilt or shame, believing this is all your fault. At Lotus Behavioral Health, we encourage parents to not lose hope: our teen drug rehab center can help your adolescent achieve sustainable healing.

As young adults develop awareness of the world around them, they may begin to believe they know everything. When teens become addicted to using substances, it might be difficult for them to see how their actions have led them to the point of requiring treatment. But as a parent, you know that your teen needs support to make significant, long-lasting changes.

Consulting with a licensed and qualified professional should be at the top of your list to achieve a successful outcome. Teen treatment programs like those available at Lotus Behavioral Health offer safe and nurturing environments to reestablish healthy adolescent behavior while setting the stage for a successful transition back into families, homes, schools, and communities.

Our clinical model focuses on developing an individualized treatment plan that targets the underlying factors contributing to maladaptive and high-risk behavior. We are state-licensed to provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment experience for alcohol and drug use in teens, utilizing a combination of evidence-based techniques to assist clients in achieving their stated goals.

In addition to providing individualized care developed and delivered by expert clinical therapists, we work with teens to provide comprehensive age-appropriate treatment that helps them heal in all areas of their lives and stay focused on a successful future. We support adolescents recovering from substance use disorder by offering an excellent academic program, robust activity programming, and a combination of evidence-based therapy techniques. We’ve designed our programs to positively impact teens’ confidence, engagement, and sense of accomplishment - supporting their process of healing and recovery.

The Need for Specialized Treatment Programs

Adolescent-specific addiction rehabilitation centers offer many benefits to clients and their families.

For starters, adolescent-specific rehab allows teenagers to be with their peers. As they go through the experience together, being with people in their age group can provide comfort, connection, and understanding.

Adolescent-specific rehab centers can provide teens with specialized treatment plans that are customized for their age group. Treatments can include adolescent-focused therapy, activities, support groups, and family therapy to help teens build essential life skills like communication, problem-solving, self-advocacy, and more.

Additionally, adolescent-specific rehabs feature teams that can provide teens with professional guidance and clinical expertise. Developed and delivered by expert clinical therapists, behavioral health teams offer support tailored to adolescent needs and development.

At Lotus Behavioral Health, we offer a myriad of behavioral health services designed specifically for teenagers. We provide several different therapies and services for teens to address co-occurring disorders or mental health conditions that interact with a substance use disorder. We have a deep understanding of the issues teens face today so we can provide the support young people need in a safe and nurturing environment.

Choosing a Dedicated Teen Rehab Center

If you’re considering an adolescent-specific rehab center, there are a few fundamental components you should look for when evaluating different facilities. At Lotus Behavioral Health, our teen addiction center in Florida utilizes an array of levels of care to renew and restore wholeness to individuals and their families impacted by substance use.

According to a study published in The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, researchers evaluated teen-specific substance use treatment programs and developed a list of key elements for effective programs. High-quality teen rehab centers should do the following:

  • Conduct complete admissions evaluations and customize treatment plans accordingly. Quality evaluations ensure your teen’s health is thoroughly assessed, including biologically, psychologically, and socially. We conduct a detailed substance use and mental health assessment before planning individualized treatment options.
  • Offer complete treatment programs. In addition to our evaluations and custom treatment plans, we also offer a variety of behavioral health services like medication management, relapse prevention, and aftercare to set the stage for a successful transition back into families, homes, schools, and communities post-treatment.
  • Incorporate the whole family. Family-focused care involves the whole family, as active family participation is essential for recovery. We place a healthy focus on the family-systems approach throughout the recovery process to encourage family involvement.
  • Have age-specific programs. We rely on the latest techniques and therapies in adolescent behavioral health to help our patients between the ages of 12 and 17 understand the roots of their conditions.
  • Focus on involvement and time in treatment. In addition to individual and group therapy, our multidisciplinary team of providers utilizes a combination of evidence-based techniques to assist clients with achieving their stated goals. Components of our program include virtual school, life skills courses, community outings, volunteer opportunities, specialized therapy groups, on-site NA and AA groups, adventure/recreation therapy sessions, parenting classes, computer lab use, physical centers, and more to engage and resonate with teens.
  • Have a trained, licensed, and professional treatment team. Our team is state-licensed to provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment experience for substance use in teens. In our program, adolescents receive customized treatment that is developed and delivered by expert clinical therapists.
  • Consider culture and gender. At Lotus Behavioral Health, we believe in treating our patients and their families with the respect and high-quality care they deserve. We acknowledge the uniqueness of each client, planning individualized treatment options to serve the various needs of a diverse population.
  • Offer a full continuum of care. We employ a well-rounded and evidence-based approach that includes behavioral health treatment modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-focused CBT, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and medication evaluation and management.
  • Track treatment outcomes. Lotus Behavioral Health has a high completion rate for patients. We understand our clients may require varying combinations of services and treatment components during the course of treatment and recovery. We perform consistent and timely evaluations of our clients’ individual treatment plans to ensure they meet their needs and modify them as necessary.

Renew and Restore Wholeness

At Lotus Behavioral Health, we’re committed to creating a nurturing and therapeutic environment to foster a healthy lifestyle in teen clients. We provide a well-rounded, evidence-based approach that includes assessment, four distinct levels of teen behavioral health services, individualized treatment options, and more.

If you are a parent of a teenager with a substance use disorder, reach out to the Lotus Behavioral Health team for additional information on our services and the different levels of care we offer at our adolescent treatment facility. You can start the process by visiting our Admissions page, where you can view more information about a complimentary brief assessment to determine eligibility.

For more information, contact Lotus Behavioral Health for an intake consultation at (833) 884-7246 or visit our website.